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Mission Statement

We are a warm, inclusive and caring Christian community who serve the community in many ways. We are multi cultural and multi faith and are progressive in our thinking - open to all who have an open mind. We serve others through the thriving Community Garden, the Open UP free weekly lunch, playgroup and in many other ways. All of these activities help people discover more meaning, purpose and companionship in life. We are open to new ideas and ways to serve the community and encourage you to share your ideas with us.

We have a church service each Sunday morning at 10am, with additional activities on certain Sundays:

- 1st Sunday of the Month: We celebrate communion and share lunch together following the service.

- 2nd Sunday of the Month: Following the service, Reverend Ric leads a "Dangerous Ideas" study, with the invitation to rethink what we know about the Bible and our faith.

- 3rd Sunday of the Month: An intergenerational service allows all ages to share and learn from each other.

- 4th/5th Sunday of the Month: The 10am service is held on all Sundays, with the addition of a family gathering in the afternoon/evening of the final Sunday where we share a reflection and meal together.

We believe....

Our Mission

Our Mission

To be a vibrant, inclusive and hospitable community-based church. To be open to a new and often radical understanding of faith, including the scriptures, church tradition and mission.

Community Garden
Community Garden

Our Vision

To be a progressive and dynamic community where people are nurtured supported and enabled to have an informed and uplifting faith experience relevant to the local and global community.

To put social justice into practice with a whole range of community programs that are inclusive and enable people to live to the best outcomes possible.

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